Bhagat Singh

Join the Heroic Story of Bhagat Singh in Hindi and English

Long ago, India was under British colonization. The story of Indian independence spans many years and instances of heroic revolutionaries, such as Bhagat Singh. Now, we’re bringing the Bhagat Singh story in Hindi and English to contemporary audiences with compelling action and beautiful artwork in our 6-issue series, Bhagat Singh!  

British colonization has India on its knees in blood-filled streets where riots are rampant. It’s into this world a child is born to a retired activist. That child grows up to be Bhagat Singh, who changes the history of the Indian nation forever!

Follow his exploits that end with his incarceration in an inhumane prison. Watch in admiration as he attempts a rebellion and is forced to live a life on the run from British law enforcement. Live his experience as a fugitive freedom-fighter, his face-off with the corrupt judicial system, and the end of his legendary journey!

Discover this historic hero and his accomplishments. Read the Bhagat Singh story in Hindi or English and learn a major and crucial story of Indian independence from colonial British rule in a way textbooks just never can! There will be blood!

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