The Story of Lord Hanuman                 

Thousands of years ago, Earth was populated by some of the greatest demons, demigods, vanaras, yakshas, and kings! Our Hanuman story focuses on one of Earth’s first heroes. This tale of ancient India is action-packed with breathtaking adventure! Follow Lord Hanuman from his incredible beginnings and throughout his world-renowned adventures in our 8-issue series: Hanuman.

Our Hanuman comics begin with Hanuman’s heavenly maiden of a mother and her divine impact on the hero’s life. As she becomes the mother to a legend, the plot thickens with the appearance of a demonic onslaught and a soul-shaking curse!

Throughout the eight issues of our Lord Hanuman story, he faces a powerful curse, Ravan the demon emperor, a destructive plan, numerous formidable enemies, a monkey transformation, a demon sorcerer, memory loss, a kingdom divided, and the transformative unraveling of the universe as we know it!

How will the famed hero Hanuman survive his trials and challenges? Will he discover his ultimate purpose? Read River Comics’ epic and exciting Lord Hanuman comics to find out!

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