Experience Lord Krishna Stories via Stunning Artwork

In all Hindu stories, Lord Krishna is the Supreme God of all deities, but what if he was a coward boy-prince up against eighty million warriors, bloodthirsty barbarians, and a vengeful creature born of rage? Read Krishna, a comic about the most lovable and attractive God, complete with breathtaking artwork! Binge all eight Lord Krishna stories on our user-friendly comic book app!

The tales of Lord Krishna are some of the most beloved in all of Hindu heritage, and River Comics’ Krishna comics breathe new life into the tales of the god and his wondrous reputation. Follow Krishna and his brother, Balaram, as they journey together to accomplish their magical quest and keep a promise!

The Supreme God and Balaram face many obstacles throughout Krishna. Watch as these two fight demon-kings, build entire kingdoms in two minutes, flee a burning celestial mountain, and encounter one of the most formidable forces of nature—love!
How will Krishna rise to meet these challenges? Read River Comics’ Lord Krishna stories to find out!

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Krishna’s adventures will have you on the edge of your seat for eight incredible issues!  But that’s not all we offer on the River Comics app. Experience a fantastically rich culture when you read our Indian history comic books! Download the app to gain unlimited access to all eight issues of Krishna, as well as every single issue in each of our other binge-worthy series.