The Story of Lord Murugan

Murugan begins as a rooster and a peacock are arguing about which of the two of them is the better bird, when an old woman steps in and tells us the tale of the Hindu god whose very existence was shaped by the two arguing fowl. With your River Comics comic book app, you’ll live the amazing Murugan story as the peace-loving god sets off to face down his destiny in a climactic battle against the mighty Tarakasur.

The River Comics original telling of the Lord Murugan story is a five-issue Indian comic book that tells the origin tale of one of the most popular Hindu deities. Born the son of two of the most influential gods and the brother of another well-known deity, Kartikeya (as he is also known) could have easily been overshadowed by his famous family—but instead, the Kartikeya story is one of a god who illuminates the universe and faces down the deadly threat of Tarakasur.

Will Murugan be able to find the strength to defeat his foe, who has already defeated or imprisoned other deities while on his path of conquest? And, if he survives the upcoming conflict, will Kartikeya ever be able to again find peace in his life? And will the old woman’s tale finally get the rooster and the peacock to stop arguing?

Read the Tale and Find Out!

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