It’s a practice nearly as old as comics themselves. Monthly comic book subscription services once formed the backbone of this starry-eyed industry, and today things have come full circle. We at River Comics offer a new spin on a classic. Via our online comics reader, you can binge all of our original comics for one low cost. Unsubscribe at any time, with no in-app purchases, and enjoy a whole line of action-packed comics at your fingertips.

In the old days, comic subscriptions could quickly get expensive. You had to sign up individually to each series you wanted, often through your local shop. Whereas your “pull bin” might have consisted only of those comics you bought directly, with River Comics, one subscription gives you unlimited access to our entire line of comics, spanning genres from ancient tales, history, science-fiction, and beyond.

A Modern Classic

We strive to create and curate the best online comic book subscription service available online. With a single monthly or annual payment, River Comics’ comic book app offers you content featuring stories, themes, and cultures you won’t typically find anywhere else in the comic universe.

Though comics are thought of as an American art form, River Comics celebrates stories from around the world, bringing storytelling traditions from across cultures and disciplines to the purpose of telling new tales, or classic tales in new ways. A modern retelling of the legend of Atlantis? Check. An exciting story of forgotten identities and government corruption? Check. History comic books centering on some of India’s most celebrated leaders, freedom fighters, and outright heroes? Of course, we’ve got ‘em!

New Creators, New Comics: Challenging the Unknown

One of the obvious benefits of our monthly comic book subscriptions service is variety. One low cost gives you access to an entire catalog of new material, allowing you to pick, choose, and try new adventures. If you need a brief break from the thrilling life of Bhagat Singh, you can easily move on, perhaps to a story about Sherlock Holmes embroiled in 1920s London and its seedy intrigues.

Innovation isn’t something we just leave to subject matter, however. The best online comic book subscription also gets you access to our collection of motion comics, a unique experience featuring voice actors, video, and engaging sound effects. It’s a whole new way to see a comic come to life and one that simply can’t be experienced with a regular, printed comic book.

Pocket Dimensions at Pocket-Change Prices

Science fiction has a way of preceding real-world tech. Star Trek may have predicted flip-phones, but it was comic book writers who first popularized the concept of the pocket dimension, an entire universe that could fit in a box on a child’s desk…or even inside an app on a smartphone. Perhaps the greatest benefit of our monthly comic book subscriptions format is that, as new technology brings us new ways to read and connect with comics, it also brings us closer to the promise and imagination that made us love them in the first place.

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