Magic in a Mortal Minute

Comic books are famous for many things, including over-the-top action and mind-bending twists and turns. They and comic book apps offer us worlds where the mundane can become extraordinary, and where the most abstract of concepts can be synthesized into a device no larger than a smartphone (the Ultimate Nullifier, anyone?).

River Comics offers readers a modern wonder they too can hold in their hands. A digital comic subscription with us gives you access to dozens of new and original comic series, many of them following journeys to places real and imaginary that most comic readers will not have had as much opportunity to see. And, reading via the best comic book app on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer is so easy a troll could do it.

How to Read Digital Comics

Our reader app is super user-friendly and compatible with a majority of iOS and Android devices and personal computers. Simply open up the River Comics app to browse our selection of original comic series and stories, as well as our collection of motion comics. Once you have chosen a series, you can navigate easily from one page to the next via familiar cursor motions. The app even allows you to zoom in on individual panels or sections of a page for easier reading, and to give you a chance to really appreciate that beautiful art. We also offer you unlimited access to comics in multiple languages, telling stories from all over the world.

A digital comics subscription with River Comics serves as an ideal gateway into the world of comics, or as a convenient and inexpensive way to bolster your already massive comic book collection.

Between the Lines (and Shading)

Now that you know how our digital comics interface works, you’re ready to start selecting some titles. Comics enjoy a famously long history of heroic storytelling, and at River Comics, you’ll certainly find many new and exciting twists on that classic format. Follow the adventures of ancient greek gods and goddesses and the heroes behind the story of India, as well as all-new characters.

A digital comics subscription with us is a gateway to new worlds, even for a die-hard reader. Much like other common subscription services, our app gives you unlimited access to every title we’ve created, with more still being added! Binge to your heart’s content, pause your reading whenever you need to, and easily come back to find out how the story ends. Each issue is just a click away!

An Eternity in an Hour

What we’re most excited about here at River Comics is showing our readers that, even after more than 75 years of comics, there are still new worlds to explore, new futures to visit, and new windows into our past to uncover. Join us through or digital comics subscription, and see where imagination can take you.