How to Read Digital Comics via Our App

Thanks to our digital comic app, reading incredible comics on your mobile devices has never been easier. Or more convenient. Download the River Comics digital comic app using the iOS or Android store. Select a subscription plan and get unlimited access to our entire catalog of original comics.

Set up a subscription plan that works best for you and get unlimited access to our entire catalog of unforgettable and original comics. Choose from traditional comics that hard-core fans love. Or live the adventure with our exclusive motion comics! Sit back and allow the stunning artwork and engaging voice acting to pull you into the tale.

Finding Your Next Binge-Read

Much like a video subscription service, our user-friendly digital comic app features all of our titles. Epic fantasies, historic series, action-packed adventures, and engaging mysteries, all in one place. You can search for specific titles or find lists that recommend comics based on their genre or topic. It’s all on-demand and at your fingertips whenever you’re ready for the next adventure!

A Little Familiar…and Seriously Exciting

If you know how to read a comic, you should have no trouble devouring our digital versions. Select the option that allows you to read traditional comics. Starting at the top text and images should read from left to right. Swipe left or right to turn the pages. For our motion comics watch and enjoy as you would any video.

Our digital comic app highlights our newest and most popular releases. The app lists recently updated series and recommends our most popular stories! Use the app to discover and binge a new series, or stay up-to-date on your favorite hero.

Browse today and read something truly excellent via the River Comics app!