The Lord Shiva Story

The Lord Shiva story is one of power, passion, rage, and redemption as Shiva and the rest of the demigods wage war against the demons and face impossible threats against our very universe. An exciting Lord Shiva comic, learn the origins of Shiva and his role in the universe as we know it!

In this eight-issue Indian comic book series, experience the incredible journey that forges Shiva into the God of Annihilation. From his part in the war between the demigods and the demons, to his selfless bravery involving the nectar of immortality, and finding (then losing) the love of his life, the breathtaking artwork in Shiva tells his tale like never before! Read on as the immovable yogi loses himself to rage and despair before finding a way to again become the savior of the universe. Our new Lord Shiva story is an epic retelling of one of the greatest narratives in all of ancient India.

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