Experience the Legend of Atlantis via Stunning Fantasy Graphic Novels

The legend of Atlantis has marveled generations for centuries as a city of magic and mermaids. Over a millennium later, our binge-worthy fantasy graphic novel series, Atlantis, follows the action-packed journey of two brothers, Pontius and Teeko, the last remaining members from a powerful Atlantian family. As the brothers return to their home city after spending years on a far-away island, discover what life-altering dramas await them in these exciting political intrigue comic books!

Mounting political tensions, romance, betrayal, false totems, artifice, and Grecian conflicts face the infamous Atlantis and threaten to upend the lives of its inhabitants.

How will the Darvos brothers survive the upheaval that threatens their family legacy and their lives? What will happen to the brothers and the Darvos family when the famous Greek city of Athens wages war with Atlantis?

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