Barcode: The Animated Action Adventure Comic Books

Get swept up in one of River Comics’ most engaging original action adventure  comic book series, Barcode!

These intense and thrilling animated comics follow Siddarth Verma on his journey to build a life that reflects his will and mirrors the example set by his cherished grandfather, whose life has been more incredible than Siddarth ever imagined!

Along the way to realizing his dreams, Siddarth becomes embroiled in a heart-pounding situation when he discovers sensitive information not meant for him. Then, he is implicated as the number one culprit! He and his best friend become the subjects of an intense manhunt and must evade the federal government and stay a step ahead of the people who are pursuing them!

Siddarth must solve this problem and figure out what he and his grandfather both possess that makes them among the most wanted suspects in these epic adventure comic books. Read Barcode and other edge-of-your-seat action adventure books via the River Comics digital comic app!

Get Caught Up in the Suspense!

We craft both our traditional and animated comics using vivid artwork that brings the story to life. From die-hard comic fans and sci fi experts to those who love getting caught up in conspiracies, Barcode has something for everyone!

When you download our app and sign up for our comic subscription, you’ll gain unlimited access to all of our adventure comic books in one convenient place! Settle in and binge all of our originals, including our exclusive motion comics. Watch as the story unfolds in these animated comic books, complete with voice-overs, breathtaking artwork, and immersive sound effects! Download our app and experience action adventure books like never before! Cancel at any time.