Meet the Real Monster Behind Medusa

In the darkest pits of the world lives one of the most notorious gorgons in all of ancient Greece, the serpent-like Medusa. Depicted as a cunning creature that preys upon would-be heroes foolish enough to hunt for glory in the depths, the Medusa monster is a powerful creature and a ruthless hunter—but by simply looking upon her face, no living thing could avoid being turned into stone.

In these beautiful graphic novels, read about how the whims, desires, and jealousy of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses changed the life of one young daughter of Gaea and Oceanus.

We at River Comics proudly present the two-issue Medusa story in Hindi and English for readers who are brave enough to learn the origins of one of the most feared, but also most tragic, characters in all of the tales of ancient Greece.

In issue one, a lone warrior enters a dark lair from which no other man has returned. Then, he hears a voice in the darkness… In issue two, experience a story of murder and tragedy that will have you asking who the real monster is.

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