A Tale of Prometheus and Pandora

Listen to the tale of how the world was—back when the gods ruled and monsters roamed the lands—and learn the story of how how Zeus’ wrath with humanity and Prometheus led him to create Pandora, changing the course of mankind in Mr. Marquis’ Marvelous Menageries: Pandora!

Prometheus and Pandora

In Issue 1 of this edge-of-your-seat Pandora’s box story, Mr. Marquis will tell the tale of determination, love, and the ultimate sacrifice as a lone titan named Prometheus fights against the tyrannical rage of Zeus in order to help humanity rise up from despair.

In Issue 2, Zeus’ wrath at being defied drives the king of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses to sink to sinister levels, and a girl named Pandora will be the Sky King’s means of unleashing his ultimate vengeance upon the mortal world.

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