A Guide to Reading Comics for Newcomers

Are you new to the world of comics? Do you want to learn how to read a comic book? Are you eager to start reading wonderful stories complete with stunning artwork? Are you uncertain about where to start? River Comics has your back! We’re experts in all things comics! Reading comics via a digital comic app will come naturally to you once you learn the basics. Follow these steps in our handy comic book guide!

1. Choose an App

You can’t get lost in a new world until you have access to comics! The best place to find your next favorite series is on our go-with-you-everywhere comic book app! Download the app and enjoy some of our free animated comics. Trust us, you’ll be hooked!

2. Pick a Comic or Series

One thing our comic book guide can’t tell you is what to read. The question really comes down to what you enjoy. An epic fantasy series about a famous ancient city? Dramatic, action-packed historical sagas? A gripping mystery? An original rendition of the escapades of a famous historical hero? Or all the above? Find a comic that captures your interest from our collection of fantastic and free comics online!

3. Start on the First Page (or Frame)

Read each panel of your comic book from left to right and top to bottom. Then, turn the page and repeat! Don’t just focus on the written words, notice the images, colors, and sound effects, whether recorded in a motion comic or printed on the panel in a traditional one, helps bring the story to life. Keep reading until you finish the comic! Then read another one!

While this comic book guide is dedicated mostly to traditional books, we also offer edge-of-your-seat motion comics! Live the story through beautiful artwork, voice-overs, and sound effects. Instead of reading these, simply sit back and let the action draw you into the adventure.

Just remember, an issue in only one part of a larger series, much like an episode of a show is part of the entire series. To continue the adventure, you may have to read or view the next issue!

4. Read Another Comic!

Practice makes perfect! Once you finish one series or story, start another one! River Comics’ digital comic app includes a bunch of awesome comics, series, and stories. Explore all River Comics titles and enjoy a couple of free previews to find the types of stories you like the most! Happy Reading!

Now that you know how to read a comic book, get to it! Sign up for the app at RiverComics.com and get access to all River Comics’ incredible, action-packed comics!