Krishna Janmashtami & River Comics

Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami by signing up for our comic book subscription app! Once it launches, prepare to be captivated by our stories of Lord Krishna — the Supreme God of deities in Hindu tradition — as he confronts forces only he can overcome. In our upcoming Krishna motion comic, you’ll experience the tale first hand and see scene after scene come alive thanks to the vivid artwork. For comic book enthusiasts who love digital entertainment, no other kind of Janmashtami celebration compares!

The Meaning of Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. In the Vaishnavism denomination of Hinduism, he is called “Supreme Being” and “absolute truth”. Krishna Janmashtami is the celebration of his birth. The Hindu lunisolar calendar marks the event on two dates, at specific phases of day: on the eighth day of the fifth month in the lunar phase; and on the eighth day of the sixth month in the lunisolar phase. In the Gregorian Calendar, these months are August and September.

Krishna: A Timeless Deity for the Times

Krishna may be a god, but almost anyone can identify with his campaign against darkness. His immortal constitution is more than formidable, but it brings challenges to match. His sublime nature is not exalted because it can’t be tested, but because it is tried greatly, and found true.

Krishna’s pedigree of power and goodness will be revealed in our eponymous comic series. To say that, in these tales, he and Balaram will triumph is not a spoiler. The drama lies in how they triumph, in support of two spiritual propositions: light is stronger than darkness; and love, though wounded, is found whole in the end.

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Krishna Janmashtami is an annual celebration that commemorates the wondrous birth of Krishna. Honor the occasion by signing up for our app today, and don’t miss out on Krishna once it launches!