Meet Us at Comic Book Conventions and Events

Our team at River Comics is passionate about taking some of the most beloved deities, heroes, and stories from cultures all over the world and creating action-packed comics you can really binge! Even more than that, though, we appreciate every single person who subscribes to our comics. That’s why we’re pumped to meet you at the next comic book convention near you!

We Love Comic Book Events!

If you find yourself getting lost in the breathtaking artwork and exciting narration of our digital comics, meet the real superheroes behind everything we do! Do you want to know how we came up with the concept for our edge-of-your-seat Barcode series? Are you dying to know what’s next for Medusa?

Adventure to one (or all…we totally appreciate our super-fans) of the comic book convention listed below and talk to our developers, researchers, writers, and artists in person!