River Comics Honors Bhagat Singh’s History

River Comics adds an exciting new facet to Bhagat Singh’s history as one of the revolutionary leaders of India. In our motion comic Bhagat Singh, we dedicate six issues to portraying his trials and tribulations as he fought for India’s freedom from the British Crown. This is our tribute to a brave individual—a man who fought for others’ freedom, until he lost his own life when he was executed at the age of 23.

A Virtuous Life of Political Crime

Critics of Singh may mention the fact that, unlike some of the past revolutionary leaders of India, he used criminal means to further political ends, and thus doesn’t deserve the title of “martyr”. However, based on Bhagat Singh’s history as a public figure, the nature of such a title would have seemed empty, unless it somehow quickened India’s slow march toward Independence.

In Bhagat Singh, readers experience Singh’s existence in a historical context, which is essential for understanding the true nature of his activities. Above all, he sought to spark a revolution! Today, Singh’s dream of freedom has been realized. Join us in celebrating him as one of India’s bravest with a viewing of our captivating comic series Bhagat Singh!

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