A Indian Superhero Like No Other

Orphaned with his brother at a young age when his parents died in a train crash, Arjun has dedicated his life to saving people… which is why he’s currently a pre-med student. But when he’s not hitting the books, Arjun takes his pledge to save others to a whole other level by protecting the nation of India using his incredible superpowers under the guise of Shaurya—an original Indian superhero from the talented writers and artists at River Comics!


With a collection of superpowers, Shaurya is a Mumbai superhero who can pull off impressive acts of heroism like flying straight into a burning building and rescuing those trapped inside. But, despite his amazing powers, his most impressive feat might be how he is constantly having to find a way to balance his secret life as Shaurya with his normal life as a medical student who lives with his brother, Adarsh.

Witness the balancing act of Arjun as he uses his abilities to save the lives of complete strangers, while also striving to keep his identity a secret and protect his loved ones from falling into harm’s way.

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