What the Best Comic Book Apps Should Offer

Sep 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

Comics are becoming the stars of pop culture thanks to the explosion of superheroes on the big screen. Comic geeks everywhere are flocking to read about the adventures of their favorite characters from some of the biggest studios. Many fans, both noobs, and old hats, are skipping the traditional paperback source material and going digital with binge-worthy and free comics online. This has led to the creation of various comic book apps. But how can you tell which comic book app is best? Here are a few features you should be on the lookout for:

Apps Should Allow for Collection Variety

The term “comics” covers a wide variety of print and digital media. For people just getting into some of the most famous titles, or those who are more casual fans, their idea of comics may focus solely on those glossy 10 by 6 books. But the term covers a broader type of media far beyond that with styles that include graphic novels, manga, motion comics, and more. The best comic book app is one that allows you to take advantage of all these different modes and is able to handle a wide collection of format files, so you can find action-packed comics, regardless of the genre or style you prefer.

A Great User Interface Means a Great Experience

Having all of those different files at your fingertips won’t do you any good without a great user interface. That is why one of the keys to a fantastic app is a streamlined library. Not only does it need to utilize graphics and easy organization options, but devouring comics one after the other needs to be a hassle-free experience—with fluid, fast transitions between pages without endless buffering.

Customization Options to Suit Your Style

Comic book fans have unique reading habits. That is why, for a comic book app to be the best, it should be fully customizable and configurable. Not only does this entail different graphic and text changes to make things more readable, but keyboard shortcuts too. The last thing you want is to struggle to figure out how to navigate the tool when you can spend that time engaging with more edge-of-your-seat tales. Other essential customization options sometimes include background colors, cropping, single/dual page, and more.

Pair Apps with Monthly Subscription Services

Finally, to be great, it needs to offer an awesome online comic book subscription service. Some comic book apps don’t come with issues pre-installed. Instead, users have to download comics so they can get the genres and types that interest them. That is why it is important to pair your app with a subscription service so you regularly get new comics to read, without the hassle of having to search online for new books to download.

The River Comics Difference

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