Why & How Comic Books Should Be about More Than Traditional Superheroes

Sep 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

When you think of comics stories, you probably associate them with beloved and famous comic book superheroes. These action-packed texts are about so much more than characters with extraordinary powers. Comic books and graphic novels are a dynamic means of telling exciting stories from all over the world and from every genre. These binge-worthy texts follow the journeys of incredible characters who are not super because of their powers. But because of their adventures, integrity, and incredible stories.

A Hero and Tale for Everyone

Traditional superheroes have helped comics and graphic novels evolve into something that billions of people love. Now is the time for non-traditional comic book superheroes and protagonists to get their big breaks!

Here are four reasons why comic books should be about a diverse range of topics, including non-traditional superheroes.

  1. Comics are a versatile story-telling tool and should cover versatile subjects: Comics use words, images, and unique art styles to place characters into awesome adventures you get lost in. It would be a waste to use comics solely for superhero stories, because of the variety of ways a comic can convey a story. Comics should tell stories about famous adventurers, brilliant detectives, aliens, historical figures, ancient gods and goddesses, and everything in between! More importantly, they should make you care about the hero in ways you never thought possible. A versatile art form deserves every opportunity to address never-before-seen comic book superheroes!
  2. Comic books enable the creation of unique narratives: Comics tell stories in a variety of ways while using numerous comic art styles. they are the best way to dive into a new adventure or experience an exciting rendition of a beloved tale. A comic book or graphic novel shows you a more in-depth look at the characters’ appearances. setting, and plot. So why not pull from world cultures? For example, American, Australian, Japanese, and even Hindu stories, are full of amazing heroes and gods some people haven’t heard of yet. Comic books that leave behind traditional comic book superheroes open the door to allow you to enjoy narratives from around the globe.
  3. Comics often push the boundaries Comics are well-known for breaking barriers and contributing something new to literature, art, and culture. If an author wants to write a heart-wrenching love story, a ridiculously funny comedy, an epic fantasy, a horrifying tale, or a historical narrative, they can do so with comics and bring something new to the medium. That is, as long as writers and audiences don’t assume that comics are only for superhero stories!
  4. Comics can teach people about history: Imagine those dry historical narratives you read in grade school. Now, imagine how colorful and action-packed comics infuse an energetic presence into the exploits, adventures, and accomplishments of famous historical figures and heroes. Millions of people would love to read nonfiction graphic novels about revolutionary heroes, politicians, rebels, monarchs, and public figures. The accomplishments of real heroes are just as popular as traditional comic book superheroes.

Narratives about superheroes have paved the way for all kinds of graphic novels and comics to thrive. Now, people want to read diverse and engaging stories about every topic under the sun. superhero comics are great. Detective stories, love stories, epic mysteries, heroic histories, and iconic legendary tales also have a place in the world of comic books and graphic novels. Comics should have a diverse array of non-traditional stories because a variety of options will ensure that there is something out there for every comic book-lover to enjoy!