River Comics Releases a Free Comic Book App

Sep 23, 2019 | News

With the release of our free comic book app, River Comics is making comic books more accessible by offering full access to our online titles. Visit our website, download the free app, and then embark on your next journey! It’s the best app to read comics from our online titles, which you can enjoy in the form of traditional or motion comics. Sign up today and enjoy the freedom to read comic books online through the convenience of your smart devices!

Digital Vs. Print: Enter Action Comics

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Thanks to advancements in creative software, a comic medium that was conceived decades ago is finally flourishing. A “motion comic” creates stories that combine printmaking and animation and feature audible narration and dialogue as voice-overs that can take the place of printed text. 

According to Neal Adams, a comic book artist who created the chiseled looks of contemporary Batman and Green Arrow figures, “Motion comics are a medium all their own. It is certainly not animation, in which a large number of artists do tens and even hundreds of thousands of drawings. The animation, or ‘the reality,’ is created in a computer, and the work of the original artist is the work.”

The motion comic is a bold step forward for comic art. See for yourself by signing up for our free comic book app. If you grew up reading paper comics, it may take a little time to appreciate comics as both books and the independent, visual documents that are motion comics. If you take the opportunity, you’ll see that motion comics don’t replace printed comics. They enhance and enlarge the world of comic books! 

One App Offers Access to All Titles

Each title offers characters and action that will have you binging for days! Whether you appreciate classic stories of superheroes springing into action or you love comics rooted in history and world cultures, more than one of our titles will grab you. Just access your favorites with our free comic book app, any place and any time.  

When we make a comic available, you can depend on it to be there for your viewing pleasure. We’d like for you to browse our entire library, of course. But, regardless of how often you visit, the titles that you love, and the best app to read comics for those titles, will be waiting for you. 

Explore New Titles at Your Leisure

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If you’re exploring our content for the first time, you might wonder why some of the series begin and end within a few issues. Rest assured: when this happens, it’s always in the creative plans from the start. The story of a comic is only captivating for as long as it draws your peak interest. Some narratives are great for going the distance, while others are best suited for a brisk run. 

River Comics strives to keep you engaged by always maintaining first-rate storylines, and by giving you full access to all of our content online. Using our free comic book app, you will enjoy stories that deliver enhanced aesthetics, plus the addition of gripping narration and voice-overs. Receiving full access to our online catalog through a single comic subscription is like being chosen for an adventure!

What Happens When a Series Ends? 

So, what happens if you subscribe because you love a specific title, and the series ends up concluding a bit sooner than you had hoped? Do you need to resubscribe to select a new title? Definitely not. In addition to delivering great comics, we’re committed to offering great value. 

Your subscription gives you access to our full lineup of traditional and motion comics. If you’d like to start reading other titles for any reason, you can do so at any time. Our free comic book app makes it easy. Simply take a few seconds to browse new titles, and you’ll soon be engrossed in a new adventure.

The Best App to Read Comics Awaits

When it’s time to see what’s happening in your favorite title from River Comics, our free comic book app makes it easy. You can catch up on the action by tapping the app on your Android or iOS device. To learn more about our comic book subscription services, please contact us to receive a prompt reply. When you’re ready for the app, the vivid sights and striking sound of a new experience in motion comics is only minutes away!